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kelly  | St. John's Site-Director


Why do you think a bilingual education is important for young children?

In my perspective, a bilingual education provides young children with invaluable advantages in life, especially when it comes to effective communication with individuals from diverse cultures. Young children in a bilingual environment, such as UDT, have demonstrated enhanced performance in problem-solving, decision-making, and multitasking. I warmly invite you to visit us and witness firsthand the benefits of a bilingual education. You'll have the opportunity to hear children learning new words and phrases, and most importantly immersing themselves in the rich culture and vibrant community we foster.

Treasured moments:

One of the most rewarding aspects of my role is visiting each classroom and observing the special bonds that form between the children and their teachers. I delight in popping into classrooms, where I can experience the lively sounds of children fully engaged in their learning journeys and witness the boundless joy they have in their classroom. These cherished moments remind me of the magic that unfolds within our school every day.

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