Uno Dos Tres Academy follows a Developmentally Appropriate Philosophy, that is, the program is guided by the needs of the children that it serves. Children are taught in a manner that matches the way they develop and learn. Children are challenged just beyond the level of their present ability and are given constant opportunities to practice newly acquired skills. Along with opportunities to learn through play and social interaction, children are provided with the skills that will allow them to excel in the Spanish language later in life.


Following are the five guidelines for Developmentally Appropriate Practice that Uno Dos Tres Academy follows;

  • Create a caring community of learners. Developmentally appropriate practices support the development of relationships between adults and children, among children, among teachers, and between families and teachers.

  • Teach to enhance development and learning. Early childhood teachers strive to achieve a balance between guiding children’s learning and following their lead.

  • Construct appropriate curriculum. The content of early childhood curriculum includes the subject matter, social or cultural values, parents’ input, and the age and experience of the children.

  • Assess children’s learning and development. Assessment of individual children’s development and learning is essential for planning and implementing appropriate curriculum.

  • Establish mutually beneficial relationships with families. Developmentally appropriate practices evolve from a deep knowledge of individual children and the context within they develop and learn. The younger the child, the more necessary it is for care givers and teachers to acquire this knowledge through relationships with children’s families.