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Uno Dos Tres Academy follows a Developmentally Appropriate Philosophy, the program is guided by the needs of the children that it serves. Children are taught in a manner that matches the way they develop and learn. Children are challenged just beyond the level of their present ability and are given opportunities to practice newly acquired skills. Along with opportunities to learn Spanish through play and social interaction, children will naturally acquire a strong interest in the Spanish language. Following are DAP guidelines, that Uno Dos Tres Academy follows.

Following are the five guidelines for Developmentally Appropriate Practice that Uno Dos Tres Academy follows;

Create a caring community of learners. UDT values the exceptionality of every child, teacher, and family. We know to create an enriching environment all parties must maintain an open communication.

Teach to enhance development and learning. UDT incorporates an equal balance between teacher lead moments and a child-centered methodology.

Construct appropriate curriculum. UDT adjusts themes, incorporates new materials, and creates environments that enhance each child’s full potential.

Assess children’s learning and development. UDT recognizes the importance of assessments. Teachers place their efforts into aiding the overall cognitive, social-emotional, physical, and mental development of each child.

Establish mutually beneficial relationships with families. UDT recognizes and appreciates the uniqueness of every child and family, acknowledging and honoring individual traditions and parenting styles.

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