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Our classrooms


Infants aged 6 months enter our Elefantitos classroom, where we prioritize creating a comfortable and secure environment. Our goal is to support the holistic development of each child and cater to their individual needs. We provide frequent feeding and diaper changes, recording each event for parents' understanding and to address any questions.

The space and materials are organized to stimulate exploration and foster conceptual learning. Our infant program goes beyond caregiving by incorporating engaging activities such as songs, books, conversations in Spanish, and the use of sign language in the monthly curriculum. Sign language aids pre-verbal children in effective communication. We strive to create an atmosphere of love, curiosity, and growth while maintaining a predictable routine for each child.


Children in the Koala classroom are 12 months old, marking their journey from babies to young toddlers.

At this stage, their energy and curiosity are at full throttle, and they are developing self-confidence and improving their motor skills. They start expressing themselves through simple words, baby sign language, reactions, and games. Establishing their identity, personal preferences, and building relationships with teachers become significant milestones. Teachers establish strong bonds to nurture independence and provide an environment that encourages exploration, experimentation, and conceptual learning.

Age-appropriate toys and materials are carefully chosen to fully engage children, and a tailored curriculum is designed to meet their individual needs.


Children enter the Mariposas classroom at 23 months, where they develop essential skills, such as taking turns, engaging in imaginative play, using simple words and sentences to communicate, and participating in more complex games and activities. Our focus in the Mariposas classroom is to provide opportunities for each child to learn according to their unique learning style. Teachers offer age-appropriate experiences that foster social-emotional, cognitive, and language development. Throughout the day, children are encouraged to freely explore and discover their environment through play-based activities and one-on-one interactions. We aim to nurture their natural curiosity while supporting their individual needs.


Children must be 3 years old by December 31st to enter the Ositos classroom. They are required to be fully independent with toilet skills before the first day of school. This classroom builds upon the skills acquired in the Mariposas classroom. Teachers focus on expanding communication, social-emotional skills, and cultivating cooperative relationships among peers. As younger preschoolers become more autonomous, they engage in collaborative and imaginative play. Our goal in the Ositos classroom is to strike a balance between routine experiences and opportunities for exploration and play-based learning. Teachers equip children with techniques to navigate challenges and develop problem-solving skills. We model positive communication, teach age-appropriate negotiation skills, and foster self-awareness of personal space and the environment.



Children entering the Patitos mixed pre-kindergarten classroom are 3 years old by September 1st and must be fully independent with toilet skills before their first day of school. Our Prekindergarten classroom offers an enriching academic curriculum for children aged 3-5. Teachers in the Patitos classroom continuously adapt materials, activities, and classroom structure to enhance each child's interests and individual learning styles. Children have daily opportunities for self-directed play, teacher-led circle time, outdoor play, group activities, and stations. Pre-math, writing, and literacy are taught at an individualized level, and who are scheduled to graduate from this classroom receive additional support in these areas to gain an advantage when transitioning to kindergarten. The teacher conducts monthly observations and adjusts each learning center based on the individual needs and interests of the children, ensuring a personalized and engaging learning experience.


Children who enter the Lechuzas pre-kindergarten classroom should be 4 years old by September 1st and must have developed full independence with toilet skills before their first day of school. The curriculum in this classroom is carefully designed to build upon the foundation of social-emotional and cognitive development, while also fine-tuning the necessary skills for a smooth transition to kindergarten. The classroom features academically focused centers that align with age-appropriate math, writing, and literacy skills. These designated areas provide children with opportunities to explore educational materials under the guidance of the teacher, either individually or with their peers. The language arts and math areas are designed to maximize learning while encouraging independence. The teacher conducts monthly observations and adjusts each learning center based on the individual needs and interests of the children, ensuring a personalized and engaging learning experience.

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