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Our curriculum

Uno Dos Tres Academy uses a thematic approach for our curriculum. We adjust themes, materials and the environment to enhance student’s interests. Classroom schedules include self-directed play, child-centered stations, and teacher-lead activities.



We focus largely on auditory and vocabulary skills in all our classrooms. Children have opportunities to learn cooperative language skills through story time, labeling materials, expressing emotions, while communicating with peers and staff. Teachers incorporate Spanish into all activities and routines. We understand that children learn at their own pace, therefore, our teachers nurture individual needs.

Creative Arts

At UDT children can express their emotions and ideas by freely exploring mixed media. Children can actively engage with an assortment of tools for creative arts and stretch their imagination without limits.


Dramatic Play

Most children learn best when left to play on their own. Your child will be able to act out various occupations, learn about their community, self-identity, and ask open ended questions about the world around them.



We foster eye-hand coordination and perceptual skills with the use of manipulatives. Building blocks, Lego’s, pegs, geometric shapes, Lincoln logs, and a variety of classroom manipulatives assist with fine-tuning fine motor development.


Our teachers teach math in a practical manner when children are ready and can learn on their own level. You will notice that math is a simple concept when introduced in a preschool setting!


We teach science in an age-appropriate manner, by exploring the environment You will see science taught in every classroom, whether its watching ice melt or making volcanos erupt.

Music and Movement

We create time to introduce new songs, instruments, and rhythm. Music and movement give children the opportunity to expand their vocabulary, both in English and Spanish.


Anti-bias Curriculum

We value the diversity and culture of every child, teacher, and family.
We celebrate our individuality and invite you to share with us what makes your family special!

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