Our curriculum

Uno Dos Tres Academy uses a thematic approach to design the curriculum. Our staff incorporates the theories and beliefs of Dr. Gardner’s 7 Intelligences to ensure that we are meeting the academic needs of every child we serve. We adjust themes, materials and make necessary classroom arrangement on a monthly basis to enhance student’s interests. 

Children’s daily routine is comprised of a combination of self-directed play, child-centered activities and teacher-lead activities.


Below you will find areas that are incorporated into the weekly focus:

We focus largely on auditory and vocabulary skills in all of our classrooms. Children have opportunities to learn cooperative language skills through story time, labeling materials, openly expressing their feelings, and communicating with peers and staff. Teachers speak Spanish 75% of the time and incorporate Spanish into all daily activities and routines. We understand that children learn on their own pace, therefore; our teachers foster each child’s individual needs.

Creative Arts

We give every child the opportunity to stretch his or her imagination! We want every child to be able to express their feelings and ideas through the use of mixed media. You will always find in your child’s classroom; paint, crayons, markers, scissors, rulers, recyclable materials, play-dough, and an assortment of tools for creative arts.  Each day children at Uno Dos Tres have time for creative arts. We believe this activity should be accessible throughout the day. You will be amazed of their spectacular masterpieces!


Dramatic Play

Most children learn best when left to play on their own. This is why we follow a child-centered approach when developing our daily classroom schedule. Your child will be able to act out various occupations, learn about the community, self-identity, and learn about the world around them. Each month our teachers will work on developing new themes that children are interested in. Don’t be surprised if one week your little one is exploring the solar system, then she is a local fire fighter from station 20! 



In the classroom eye-hand coordination and perceptual skills are extremely important. We foster this skill through age appropriate and developmentally appropriate materials and activities. We use building blocks, lego’s, pegs, geometric shapes, Lincoln logs, and a varieties of manipulative that assist with fine-tuning fine motor development. Each classroom incorporates different materials for little hands. In the Mariposas class you will see large soft blocks, in the older classroom you will see children using smaller moldering tools to create intricate structures.

Music and Movement

Through the use of Spanish music and songs we will develop your child's rhythm skills, listening skills, and expand their vocabulary. Children will learn through repetition and by using their whole bodies.

We have songs for you to practice at home with your little ones! 


Anti-bias Curriculum

We value the diversity and culture of every child, teacher and family in our preschool. We learn about each other’s culture, traditions and holidays through music, games, pictures and food. Each child will have a chance to be, “Chico de la Semana.” This is a great opportunity for every child to share about their family! You are also welcomed to come and share!


Each classroom provides age appropriate math manipulative to introduce your child to the concepts of counting, sorting, recognition of shapes and basic math principles. Our teachers teach math in a practical manner, when children are ready and when children can learn on their own speed. You will notice that math is a simple concept when introduced in a preschool setting!



Our children are introduced to science and nature by exploring their environment. They learn about the world in which we live through a variety of experiences. Our teachers teach science in an age appropriate manner, bringing the outside world indoors. You will see us planting gardens, bringing little creatures into the classroom as pets, and carrying out investigations using mixed media. Some days you will see us making flubber, Obleck, Slim or tie-dye shirts. While other days, we like making piñatas, planets, rocket bottles, or floating devises!