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Our curriculum

Uno Dos Tres Academy adopts a thematic approach to our curriculum, where we tailor themes, materials, and the learning environment to spark students' interests. Our classroom schedules incorporate a range of activities, including self-directed play, child-centered stations, and teacher-led engagements.


Auditory and vocabulary skills is a significant focus across all our classrooms, emphasizing auditory skills and vocabulary enrichment. Children are provided with ample opportunities to learn cooperative language skills through activities such as story time, labeling materials, expressing emotions, and engaging in communication with peers and staff. Spanish is seamlessly integrated into all aspects of our curriculum, and our teachers prioritize individualized attention, recognizing that children learn best at their own pace.


We introduced math in a practical manner, tailored to each child's readiness and individual level of learning. We believe that math concepts can be grasped easily in a preschool setting.

Creative Arts

Play and creative arts is a vital role at UDT as children are encouraged to freely express their emotions and ideas through explorations in mixed media. They actively participate in various creative art activities, utilizing a wide range of tools, fostering imagination without limitations.


Dramatic Play

We put a lot of valuable on dramatic play in our curriculum, offering children opportunities to acquire real-life and social skills that can benefit them throughout their lives. Through role-playing different occupations, learning about their community, exploring self-identity, and asking open-ended questions, children develop a deeper understanding of the world around them.


We incorporate manipulatives into our classrooms to enhance hand-eye coordination and perceptual skills. A diverse selection of manipulatives is provided to support fine motor skills and cognitive development..


Science education at UDT is age-appropriate and fosters exploration of the environment. Through observations, experimentation, and play, children gain knowledge and develop a deeper connection with the world around them, engaging their senses in the process.

Music and Movement

are integral parts of our curriculum, offering dedicated time for introducing new songs, instruments, and rhythm. Through music and movement activities, children expand their vocabulary, both in English and Spanish

Anti-bias Curriculum

reflects our appreciation for the diversity and culture of every child, teacher, and family. We celebrate individuality and warmly invite you to share what makes your family special, fostering a nurturing and inclusive learning environment.

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