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Mariana |  Sellwood Site Director 


Why do you think a bilingual education is important for young children?

Developing a bilingual education at a young age has given me numerous advantages; I am able to clearly communicate with people from different cultures, I can aid conversation and bridge connections through translation, and I have the skills to teach the upcoming generation the same expertise. A bilingual education gives children a leg up in linguistic, cognitive, and social intelligence. This knowledge can encourage your child to appreciate different cultures and to be a natural communicator; and it is a practical tool that they will value for the rest of their lives.    


Treasured moments:

What genuinely makes my days are the moments when students peek through my office door to wish me good morning or to give me a quick hug. I feel successful in continuing these mentor-mentee relationships while serving as Site Director.

2019-09-11 22.29.43.jpg
xochilt | Lechuzas Teacher 

ana |  Ositos Teacher 
2019-09-11 22.02.45.jpg
andrea | Koalas Teacher 
2019-09-11 22.06.21.jpg
guisela| Koalas Teacher 
2019-09-11 22.35.37.jpg
sara| Patitos Teacher
2019-09-11 22.18.51.jpg
sonia| Mariposas Teacher 
2019-09-12 21.52.58.jpg
lucia | Elefantitos Lead Teacher & Sub Director
2019-09-11 22.16.14.jpg
GaLILIEA| Elefantitos Teacher