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Mariana |  Sellwood Site Director 


Why do you think a bilingual education is important for young children?

A bilingual education offers young children numerous advantages in terms of linguistic development, cognitive growth, and social intelligence. It provides them with a strong foundation to appreciate diverse cultures and become effective communicators. Being bilingual is a practical skill that holds lifelong value. Personally, having received a bilingual education during my formative years has given me countless benefits. I can engage in clear and meaningful conversations with individuals from different cultures, assist in translating and bridging connections. I also feel proud to have the opportunity to impart the significance of learning a second language to the next generation and share my own cultural traditions with them.

Treasured moments:

Some of the most fulfilling moments in my role as the director are when students peek through my office door to greet me with a warm good morning or a spontaneous hug. These connections with children are what drive my passion, as they are the very reason I pursued a degree in Early Childhood Education. The joy I feel when I connect with young learners is immeasurable and reaffirms the reason why I choose ECE as my profession.

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