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why spanish immersion?

Why is an immersion program at the preschool level important?
Enrolling your child at Uno Dos Tres Academy is beneficial because we use and apply the Spanish language in an emotionally supportive environment that stimulates all the senses. Studies show that young children who learn a second language enjoy many additional cognitive benefits, such as enhanced problem-solving skills, enhanced spatial relation skills, and heightened creativity. In addition, when children enjoy their environment and feel safe, they learn without even realizing it. 
Is there any English spoken in the class?
Yes. Uno Dos Tres is a bilingual school. Teachers instruct at individual levels. The level is determined by the child’s comprehension and comfort. Children are encouraged to speak Spanish; however, we understand that children develop at different stages, therefore, we do not force children to respond in Spanish. 

How will my child understand what is going on in class?
Your child will learn Spanish the same way they learn their first language. We use hand and body cues, stories, inflection, and facial signals to understand what is being communicated. Throughout the day teachers incorporate songs, games, circle time and group activities both in Spanish and English.
Is any prior exposure or knowledge of Spanish required?
Children do not need to have prior exposure or knowledge of Spanish. Several children coming to our preschool is being exposed to Spanish for the first time. We welcome and encourage children who have prior knowledge of Spanish, as they tend to be natural helpers in the classroom. 

Do we, as parents, need to know how to speak Spanish?
It is not necessary that parents speak Spanish. Teachers instruct your child with proper pronunciation and grammar. Children with little or no reinforcement of Spanish are just as successful in immersion programs as those with native speakers at home. 
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